Transatlantic study team on climate change and migration patterns


The German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMF) sponsored a transatlantic study from 2009-2010 to investigate the impacts of climate change on migration patterns. Environmental deterioration, including natural disasters, rising sea levels, and agricultural droughts could force millions of people to flee their homes in the coming decades. The debate was excluded from legislative and political agendas due to the lack of knowledge regarding the relationship between climate change and its links to migration. GMF's study team therefore aimed to fill this knowledge gap and bring the topic to the attention of policymakers and other stakeholders.

The team consisted of members from three leading U.S. universities, three European based institutions and two international institutions. Furthermore, policymakers and practitioners with relevant experience were selected. The study team’s responsibilities included preparing background documents, organising team meetings with external experts, visiting affected areas and drafting policy briefings and summaries. Dissemination and dialogue with relevant stakeholders in the policy community will include preliminary results with similar topics and geographic location.

The final report, providing a review of findings and recommendations, was published in June 2010. adelphi co-authored two policy briefs on the European Migration and Asylum Policy and the local repercussions of climate change in receiving communities.

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