UBA-bipro Recycling-Konferenz


Resource conservation follows the model of an economy embedded in natural material cycles with minimal resource consumption. An economy whose development is not at the expense of other regions or future generations. It can only be shaped holistically from a life cycle perspective: from raw material extraction, processing, product design, trade and consumption to reuse or disposal. The environmentally friendly use of resources not only helps the environment, but also brings concrete economic benefits.

After the preceding three-country conferences in Berlin (2009), St. Gallen (2011) and Vienna (2014), adelphi continued the cross-country series of conferences on the subject of resource conservation and recycling management in 2016 on behalf of the Federal Environment Agency. The conference "Resource Conservation - from the Idea to Action" took place under the patronage of the Federal Environment Ministries and Federal Environment Offices of Germany, Switzerland and Austria on 21/22 April 2016 in the Bavarian Parliament in Munich.

Experts from science, industry, politics and administration as well as international organisations and NGOs gave lectures on the latest research results from the recycling and resource management sector. In addition, a specialist community was given the opportunity to discuss in depth the future challenges of closing the cycle of fibre-reinforced composites, material flow bundling and metal recycling in topic-specific workshops or to obtain information on the latest results of obsolescence research.