Anwendung digitaler Technologien für ein nachhaltiges Lieferkettenmanagement – Eine Einordnung

Anwendung digitaler Technologien für ein nachhaltiges Lieferkettenmanagement
Dietrich, Christian; Joschka Hahler, Selina Rathke, Daniel Weiss, Leon Leuser und Benno Keppner 2019: Anwendung digitaler Technologien für ein nachhaltiges Lieferkettenmanagement. Eine Einordnung. Berlin/Hamburg: adelphi/Systain Consulting GmbH.

Translated title: Application of Digital Technologies for Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Everyone is talking about digitalisation – its influence is changing not only private and social life, but also the whole economy. Staying up to date with the latest developments, being able to recognise and react to relevant market developments is a central challenge of digitalisation from a company's point of view.

Which processes and structures are changing? Where do new spaces for action emerge? Which products will be relevant in the future? All this will also have an impact on supply chain management, especially from the point of view of sustainability.

This publication by adelphi and Systain Consulting is intended to give companies guidance on selected digital technologies and developments and to highlight opportunities and challenges in connection with sustainable supply chain management.

Using six technology profiles, relevant developments in digitalisation are critically examined. The benefits of these technologies and their influence on supply chain management are analysed. The publication concludes with five observations which are relevant for the economy as well as for politics and society to make digitalisation more usable in the context of sustainable supply chains.