Circular economy in the Africa-EU cooperation – Country report for Rwanda

Cover Circular Economy Country report Rwanda
McGovern, M.; I. Artola, S. van Hummelen, M. Hemkhaus, G. Irakoze, C. R. Whyte, P. Katanisa, J. Ahlers and P. Desmond 2021: Circular economy in the Africa-EU cooperation. Country report for Rwanda. Brussels: European Commission.

This report on Rwanda has been developed in the context of the implementation of the European Green Deal agenda, and notably of its international dimension. The objective of the report is to provide a better understanding of the potential of the circular economy in Rwanda as well as to contribute to a better understanding on the role of EU-Africa cooperation and aid mechanisms concerning the circular economy development. The status of the circular economy in Rwanda reveals that the government is taking into consideration opportunities presented by circular principles across different strategies and policies. However, these initiatives are not necessarily coined under the term ‘circular economy’. Rwanda is well placed to be the regional hub for Africa in the area of circular economy (CE). For over a decade, it has taken a proactive approach and put environment and climate change at the heart of all the country’s policies, programmes and plans to integrate green growth and climate resilience strategies. It was one of the first countries to ban single-use plastic bags, has the largest Green Fund in Africa, and is widely seen to have a pioneering, innovative and nimble policy environment. Rwanda has a pioneering role in the co-founding of the African Circular Economy Alliance and has a track record for being a test location for trialling innovative approaches before launching in other parts of Africa.

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