Climate change and security – THE HANDBOOK

Climate Security Handbook
Schaller, Stella; Katarina Schulz and Beatrice Mosello 2020: Climate change and security – THE HANDBOOK. Berlin: adelphi.

This manual is a compilation of introductory texts and the most relevant reports in the field of climate change and security. It covers the issue of how climate change converges with other global pressures, such as population growth, uncontrolled urbanisation, increased demand for resources and environmental degradation, to exacerbate global security challenges and intensify instability in fragile societies. Furthermore, it gives an insight into the synergies between climate change adaptation and peacebuilding.

The Climate Change and Security Handbook answers questions such as:

  • What are the indisputable climate facts?
  • Why is climate security important?
  • What is the risk of inaction?
  • Do water wars exist?
  • How are climate and migration interlinked?
  • How can we identify climate hotspots?
  • Should the UN Security Council be involved in climate change?
  • How do we maintain peace in a warming climate?

The handbook also discusses entry points to alleviate climate security pressures. Interactive tools in the handbook will help you understand the manifold findings on the subject and potential solutions.