Climate Diplomacy in Perspective – From Early Warning to Early Action

Climate Diplomacy in Perspective
Tänzler, Dennis and Alexander Carius (ed.) 2012: Climate Diplomacy in Perspective. From Early Warning to Early Action. Berlin: Berliner Wissenschafts-Verlag.

The changing climate has severe implications, locally, regionally and globally. adelphi’s latest publication "Climate Diplomacy in Perspective – From Early Warning to Early Action" highlights the key positions in the debate on the security risks of climate change and the prospects of climate diplomacy. The compilation, edited by adelphi’s experts on climate and security, Dennis Taenzler and Alexander Carius, builds on a conference on "Climate Diplomacy in Perspective" hosted by the German Federal Foreign Office and adelphi in Berlin in October 2011. More than 100 policy makers and experts from over 30 countries had come together to discuss the importance of enhancing the dialogue on climate change and security, building early warning capacities and fostering partnerships for early action and conflict prevention. With insightful contributions from politicians, experts and leading scholars, the publication gives particular emphasis to water resource management, global food security, and rising sea levels that threaten coastal areas and low-lying island states. The authors explore ways to further develop regional cooperation and dialogue in light of a changing climate and provide strong arguments for urgent action that complements international climate negotiations.

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