Climate-Fragility Risks - The Global Perspective

climate diplomacy - climate change and security in Japan - adelphi
Rüttinger, Lukas 2017: Climate-Fragility Risks - The Global Perspective. Berlin: adelphi.

Climate change is the ultimate threat multiplier. It will aggravate fragility, contribute to social upheaval and even violent conflicts. The problem is the seven compound risks that emerge when the impacts of climate change interact with problems that many weak states are already facing. Single-sector interventions alone will not suffice to deal with the systemic nature of compound climate-fragility risks. Integrating policies and programmes in three key sectors—climate change adaptation, development and humanitarian aid, and peacebuilding—are crucial to help strengthen resilience to climate-fragility risks and achieve significant co-benefits.

Available in English as well as Japanese:

気候脆弱性リスク: 国際的視点