Eco-Inclusive Enterprises Driving Green Recovery Pathways – A SEED Green Recovery Snapshot

Cover Eco-inclusive Enterprises Driving Green Recovery Pathways
Rose, Benita; Mirko Zürker and Sonya Ong 2021: Eco-Inclusive Enterprises Driving Green Recovery Pathways. A SEED Green Recovery Snapshot. Berlin: adelphi/SEED.

When the COVID-19 pandemic shook the world in 2019, global economic activities have been severely battered, progress towards achieving the SDGs has been threatened, and global efforts are now centred on moving towards medium and long-term sustainable and inclusive recovery. Green Recovery in this context recognises the non-sustainable pre-pandemic reality and considers all aspects of the SDGs. It focuses on a future of economic progress alongside socially and environmentally sustainable, inclusive global value chains and markets.

This snapshot report details how prioritising green and social enterprises delivers triple returns – economic, social and environmental – in both short and long terms. SMEs are the backbone of economies worldwide, and green and social SMEs play an important role in delivering green recovery impact on the ground through their activities, products and services.

This report provides such a snapshot, closely analysing the status quo, gaps and potentials of green and social enterprises as well as the SME support landscape in different areas and locations. Building on in-depth SEED-conducted interviews with enterprises and enterprise support providers, green recovery contributions and support opportunities were identified to improve the existing support offers for green and social enterprises in a green recovery context.