EMAS Novelle 2017/2019 – Die Änderungen im Überblick

Cover_Emas Novelle 2017/2019
Möller, Simon und Theresa Steyrer (Arqum GmbH) 2019: EMAS Novelle 2017/2019. Die Änderungen im Überblick. Berlin: UGA-Geschäftsstelle.

The European Union's Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) aims to help especially medium-sized and small companies to introduce environmental management processes. To take into account feedback from practitioners and make the implementation easier, the EU Commission, consulting with the member states, has overhauled the requirements for reporting according to Annex IV of the EMAS Regulation.

The revision took effect on January 9, 2019, with the Regulation (EU) 2018/2026. The current changes gives EMAS organisations more possibilities to show environmental performance. Important indirect environmental aspects and consequences are to be reported in more depth. In addition, using the EMAS environmental declaration e.g. for other reporting duties has been simplified.

This updated UGA publication, written in cooperation with the German Environment Agency (UBA), explains the new requirements in detail. Examples for implementation and a check list by the consulting company Arqum GmbH, mandated by the UBA, help implementing the changes in practice.

The brochure is currently only available in German.