EMAS Promotion & Policy Support in the Member States – Compendium 2015

EMAS Compendium
Paquot, Sébastien; Alexandra Skinner and Daniel Weiss 2015: EMAS Promotion & Policy Support in the Member States. Compendium 2015. Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union.

In 2015, the European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) is celebrating its 20th anniversary as the premiere instrument for voluntary environmental management in the European Union. Today, over 4000 organisations and 7500 sites in the EEA are EMAS registered. In order to join EMAS, organisations must first be aware of the scheme and its many advantages.

This compendium serves primarily as a reference tool and a source of inspiration for Member State policy makers, EMAS representatives and Competent Bodies to aid in selecting and designing future EMAS support measures to continue and extend EMAS registration in every Member State. The compendium compiles and presents Member States’ policy and promotional instruments employed over the past five years, and divides them in four categories: legal, financial, informational and promotional instruments. It also includes a few more detailed descriptions of example promotion activities, many of which have resulted in increased registration numbers.

A second aim of the compendium is to provide EMAS registered organisations and other stakeholders with an overview of the different advantages and informational opportunities currently on offer in the Member States. They can read about the types of regulatory relief or financial advantages available for EMAS registered organisations, learn about the chance to apply for events such as the national EMAS Awards, and discover networking or informational opportunities regularly offered in their countries.