European Sustainable Finance Survey 2022 | Report

Cochu, Annica; Christian Metzler; Lea Mohnen; Bianca Pelletti; and Walter Kahlenborn 2022: European Sustainable Finance Survey 2022 | Report. Berlin: adelphi.

It is crucial that investments are channeled into sustainable projects and activities in order to achieve the European Union's 2030 climate and energy targets and the objectives of the European Green Deal. Asset managers and asset owners can make an important contribution to this - by choosing what is to be financed or by advising their clients on the selection of investment objects. The EU taxonomy is meant to support them in this. It defines green activities and can help to identify green investment objects, among other things.

The European Sustainable Finance Survey 2022 examined how asset managers and asset owners use the taxonomy. The results show that, in particular, a lack of reliable taxonomy data and uncertainty surrounding the most helpful application of the taxonomy are currently still preventing capital market participants from using the taxonomy for investment making and sustainability reporting. Other challenges include the limited sector scope of the taxonomy and the inclusion of controversial activities. However, survey participants expect that the role of taxonomy will increase in the future as data availability increases. Overall, the market is currently in a learning process. These and other results are summarized in the report.