Klimaschutz strategisch planen, auf Wirtschaftlichkeit und Wertschöpfung setzen – Das Handbuch zum Projektentwicklungstool Klima-Canvas

Cover Handbuch Klima-Canvas
Weitz, Lia; Saskia Schütt, Julika Davideit, Ulrike Zeigermann, Michael Böcher, Stefan Gothe und Hans Hertle 2021: Klimaschutz strategisch planen, auf Wirtschaftlichkeit und Wertschöpfung setzen. Das Handbuch zum Projektentwicklungstool Klima-Canvas. Berlin: adelphi.

Municipal climate action is a key factor in the effort to protect our climate and improve our lives. Many municipalities, cities, and counties have developed or are currently developing creative, innovative projects to tackle climate change and lower emissions. However, implementing these projects is not always as easy as it seems. Various stakeholders need to be addressed and involved in targeted ways to get them on board.

The project development tool Klima-Canvas helps project developers and project managers in German municipalities to design, plan, and communicate their climate projects strategically and address key stakeholders with targeted activities. It can also be used to assess and optimise existing projects.

Klima-Canvas is currently only available in German and consists of this handbook and an accompanying video explanation: