Market Analysis 2016 – Status and Development of Global Renewable Energy Markets

Seier, Sebastian 2016: Market Analysis 2016 . Status and Development of Global Renewable Energy Markets. Berlin: BMWi.

The 2016 market analysis by the “Export Initiative Energy” offers a comprehensive view of current developments and prospects for global renewable energy markets. The study looks into twelve renewable energy technologies in over 180 markets and all US states and categorises them as established, growth, or future markets. The study also identifies off-grid markets. 

Renewable energies continue to find themselves on a decisively upward trend worldwide. Never before has so much investment gone towards renewable energies as in the year 2015. It has witnessed a continuation of multiple trends that have been observed for the last few years. In particular, a technological and geographic concentration within the industry is visible at a global level: On the one hand, investments and installation growth continue further in the direction of photovoltaics and wind energy. On the other, particularly strong expansion is visible in developing and emerging economies.

As a result of the positive learning curve, technological progress and increasing economies of scale have further lowered the costs of renewable energies in the preceding years. There is still significant potential for growth in all regions of the world. The outlook for the global market for the coming years is also positive.

The goal of the market analysis is to identify relevant global renewable energy markets and to assign these to pre-defined market categories: established markets (market category “A”), growth markets (market category “B”), future markets (market category “C”), and off-grid markets (market category “D”).