Nachhaltige Lieferketten in der Praxis – Beispiele, Erfahrungen, Tipps

Cover "Nachhaltige Lieferketten in der Praxis"
Jungmichel, Norbert; Moritz Nill, Christina Schampel, Daniel Weiss und Bibiana Garcia 2019: Nachhaltige Lieferketten in der Praxis. Beispiele, Erfahrungen, Tipps. Berlin: adelphi.

This brochure by adelphi and Systain offers hands-on advice and concrete instructions for implementing sustainable supply chains. It introduces best practice examples from twelve companies, mainly SMEs, from different industries. This guideline is meant to help companies with their first steps and inspire them to take action.

It is divided into four main topics:

  • Purchasing – Purchasing as the key department for sustainable supply chain management
  • Suppliers – Challenging and supporting suppliers
  • Supply Chain – Transparency and sustainability every step of the way
  • Product – Creating sustainable offers

The brochure is a follow-up project to the "Atlas on Environmental Impacts: Supply Chains" and was funded by the Federal Ministry for the Environment. It builds on the knowledge of experienced practitioners gathered in interviews, workshops, EMAS and CSR networks as well as during the work of environmental advisors.