Practice Guide – Energy Management in Alpine Hotels

Praxisleitfaden: Energiemanagement in Alpenhotels
Schröer, Juliane 2017: Practice Guide – Energy Management in Alpine Hotels. Berlin: adelphi.

Energy saving is easy - if you know where potential savings are hiding. If you are a hotelier who would like to take an active role in energy efficiency, the practice guide "Energy Management in Alpine Hotels" provides helpful tips and easily-implemented recommendations for the development of an energy management approach. The guide particularly focuses on the special situation facing Alpine hotels.

The systematic approaches to analysing and improving energy efficiency contained within the guideline help you to structure energy-saving efforts in your hotel effectively, based on the idea that "advance action is better than reaction". Various standards, approaches and systems are already in place for operational energy management, which can be used not only to systematically monitory and reduce energy consumption and costs, but also to establish a process of continuous improvement. In order to simplify entry into systematic energy management, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), an alternative approach was defined within the German context in the "Spitzenausgleich-Efficiency-Systemverordnung" (SpaEfV) Annex 2.

The practice guide "Energy Management in Alpine Hotels" explains the introduction of structured energy management step-by-step, using as its example a hotel business in the Alpine region. The numerous implementation tips contained within it help counteract hurdles to implementation and lay the foundation for lasting energy and cost savings.