Turkey's Water Policy – National Frameworks and International Cooperation

Turkeys Water Policy_1200.jpg
Kibaroglu, Aysegul; Waltina Scheumann and Annika Kramer (ed.) 2011: Turkey's Water Policy. National Frameworks and International Cooperation. Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag.

Water is a strategic natural resource of vital importance to all nations. As such it has been the cause of several international disputes. For Turkey especially, water is crucial to social and economic development. The book "Turkey’s Water Policy – National Frameworks and International Cooperation" analyses the current state of Turkey’s water policy and its management of both national and transboundary waters. It is a unique undertaking that brings together Turkish and international authors, practitioners and academics, covering all aspects of water management. The book was recently published by Springer and is available as hardcover as well as eBook.

The eBook is available here.