Water, Crisis and Climate Change in India: A Policy Brief

Water, Crisis and Climate Change in India_1200.jpg
Tänzler, Dennis; Lukas Rüttinger, Katherina Ziegenhagen and Gopalakrishna Murthy 2011: Water, Crisis and Climate Change in India: A Policy Brief. Berlin/Tirupati: adelphi.

Changes in temperature, precipitation, and humidity due to climate change may have significant implications for the quality and quantity of water. India’s water resources are under increasing pressure from population growth, economic development, industrialisation, urbanisation and inefficient water use. Several internal water disputes already existing in between states, communities and water user groups as well as in the domestic and the industrial sectors may be aggravated. Approaches need to be promoted to reduce the overall amount of future water stress and improve water management capacities. Additionally, joint monitoring, planning of water user groups, and initiatives for education and training on water, climate change and crisis can enable water user groups to recognise crisis potential at an early stage.