17.4. Berlin - Kicking off the Climate Protection Campaign

adelphi and the German Retail Federation (HDE) are hosting the opening event of the Retail Climate Protection Campaign on 17 April. Alongside talks and discussions, attendees can visit a sustainable supermarket.


On 17 April, the Retail Climate Protection Campaign is kicking off in Berlin. adelphi and the German Retail Federation want to enable small and medium-sized retail businesses to achieve what many large chains have already succeeded at: reducing their CO2 emissions through cost-effective efficiency measures.

Along with many other industries and sectors, the German retail business emits a large quantity of greenhouse gases, either directly through energy consumption in shops or indirectly through consumers’ purchasing behaviour. With its Climate Protection Offensive, the German Retail Federation wants to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the retail business and motivate consumers to make climate-friendly purchasing decisions.

“Every retailer can benefit directly from saving energy and can thereby gain a competitive advantage. With valuable tips and tools, engaging success stories and a variety of networking formats, we are offering a unique information campaign that is specially tailored to the retail business, and that will continually grow and expand”, says adelphi Senior Project Manager Andreas Weber.

The opening event takes place at the Federal Environment Ministry, and former Environment Minister Klaus Töpfer will deliver the keynote speech. Lars Reimann, Head of the Energy Policy and Environment Department at the German Retail Federation, will speak about issues in climate-neutral retail. Examples of best practices from Aldi Süd, IKEA and Metro will be used to illustrate how climate protection can succeed in the retail industry. Following the event, attendees will have the opportunity to visit a sustainable Rewe supermarket in the Pankow district of Berlin.

Click here for more information on the event or to register for it free of charge.