World Water Day 2018: Ronjon Chakrabarti on natural solutions for water scarcity

22/03/2018 World Water Day 2018 revolves around natural solutions for water management. In an interview, Ronjon Chakrabarti explains how innovative Subsurface Water Solutions (SWS) contribute to sustainable groundwater management and socio-economic development in coastal areas.

To link or not to link? adelphi develops Emissions Trading Linking Manual for policymakers

14/03/2018 The Emissions trading manual offers policymakers a tool to assess potential partners before embarking on linking negotiations. It provides a framework to ensure key linking objectives can be met and potential risks of linking emissions trading systems are minimised.

Your vote for nature conservation! Marion Jay on the Natura 2000 Citizens' Award

14/03/2018 Today is the first day of voting for the NATURA 2000 Citizens' Award. In an interview, Marion Jay, Senior Project Manager at adelphi, talks about the goals of the NATURA 2000 Award and reveals the secret to success of award-winning conservation projects.

SEED is looking for the most promising and locally led eco-inclusive start-ups: Apply now!

12/03/2018 The SEED awards recognise companies that pursue environmental and social business models, such as Unique Quality Product Enterprise, a company from Ghana that supports the cultivation of a climate-resilient crop while promoting equality for women.

Moving towards a New Plastic Economy

07/03/2018 There are many facets to addressing plastic waste challenges. Extended Producers Responsibility (ERP) contributes to increasing resource efficiency and achieving a circular economy in plastic management. However, it requires concerted efforts within a well formulated strategy framework.

adelphi organising German-Japanese Environment and Energy Dialogue Forum

02/03/2018 The 9th German-Japanese Environment and Energy Dialogue Forum will take place in Berlin on 19th and 20th April 2018. Its thematic focus is on low-emission transport systems and effective use of renewable energies in the transport sector.   

"The direction is the right one": Dr. Constanze Haug on current developments in emissions

28/02/2018 The reform of the EU-ETS, the launch of the so far largest CO2 market in China, various new cooperation initiatives: Constanze Haug, Head of the ICAP Secretariat, summarizes the main findings of the newly published ICAP Status Report in an interview.

Call for entries for adelphis photo competition “Visions of the urban future”

19/02/2018 What ideas about the future of urban development and cities exist in a variety of places around the world in the minds of a broad range of people? adelphi invites photographers to engage creatively with this theme, and to submit their photographs by 30 June 2018.

“Climate security risks cannot be downplayed” – Interview with Janani Vivekananda

15/02/2018 This Friday sees the start of the Munich Security Conference. We hear from Janani Vivekananda, one of adelphi's experts on climate and security, why decision makers worldwide need to prioritise climate action once more on the global security agenda.

Method workshop: Prompting participants into action as a guiding principle

14/02/2018 How do I make people aware and motivated about energy and climate-conscious behaviour? Around 40 participants addressed this question through using various methods and new interactive approaches on 6 February 2018 in Wuppertal.