From analysis to action - high profile experts launch declaration on climate and security

12/12/2017 Today the leading lights of the climate and security community have launched an unprecedented declaration to catalyse action in the field in front of 350 participants at the Planetary Security Conference.

"Energiewende im Kopf" – A Workshop by the National Top-Runner Initiative

11/12/2017 How do I raise awareness and motivate others to adapt climate-conscious habits? New answers to this question are explored in "Energiewende im Kopf (Energiewende in Mind) Promoting Mediation, Learning and Educational Processes," a workshop that will take place on February 6, 2018 in Wuppertal.

International environmental experts discuss challenges in resource efficiency

01/12/2017 At the beginning of December in Berlin, adelphi welcomed participants of the 73rd UNEP / UNESCO / BMUB short course "Resource Efficiency - Cleaner Production and Waste Management" to discuss hands-on steps towards the dissemination of resource efficiency and the circular economy.

Good practice in climate diplomacy: approaches for a climate-resilient, low-carbon future

01/12/2017 The EU and its Member States have been practical pioneers of climate diplomacy for many years. adelphi convened a side event at this year's UN climate conference, COP23, to discuss what has been learned up until now and which initiatives and approaches are worth being replicated.

Planetary Security Conference 2017 puts a spotlight on migration and urbanisation

01/12/2017 How can we move from analysis to action on climate-security risks? The third annual Planetary Security Conference 2017 will take place on December 12th and 13th 2017 in The Hague and aims at providing new answers to this question. 

Landmark Agreement puts EU ETS on track to deliver on Paris Commitment

09/11/2017 EU leaders agreed on an effective reform of the European Union emissions trading system. Reform consolidates lessons learned from a decade of emissions trading. 26 ICAP Members pledge to strengthen action on climate change through renewed cooperation on carbon markets in High-Level-Joint Statement.

COP23: adelphi's experts and side events in Bonn

02/11/2017 From 6 to 17 November 2017, adelphi’s experts will be in Bonn for the COP23 discussions. Together with BMUB, the European Commission, GIZ, the German Federal Foreign Office, and others adelphi convenes and participates in several side events. Take a look at our agenda of the next 2 weeks!

Wanted: Experts for an innovative training for Polish cities on sustainable revitalisation

25/10/2017 EXTENDED DEADLINE: 20/11/2017 - Join the working group led by adelphi to co-design an innovative training for Polish municipalities on sustainable, resource efficient revitalisation. Support the participatory design of the training modules and become a workshop facilitator.

G7 Working Group: What will come next for G7 action on climate and fragility

24/10/2017 From 25-27 October 2017, G7 representatives gathered in Rome to discuss pathways to manage the climate-fragility nexus. adelphi convened a targeted workshop on the design of the new G7 risk assessment on Lake Chad and steps to respond to the crisis in the region. 

Berliners save energy with smart-plug technology game—second round has begun

12/10/2017 Berlin households have until 23 October 2017 to register for the DOMINO Challenge. The EU project helps consumers reduce their energy consumption by changing their behaviour and using the latest technology.