adelphi facilitates the disbursement of environmentally friendly loans

01/10/2010 The Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) encourages investment in energy efficiency and environmental protection measures with two special credit lines.

"REACH in practice" - review and outlook

29/09/2010 On 28 September the closing workshop of the conference series "REACH in practice", organised on behalf of the Federal Environmental Agency (UBA), took place in Berlin. The series’ basic aim was to help companies and institutions with the practical implementation of the EU chemicals policy.

In Focus: Corporate Responsibility

23/09/2010 Sustainability is increasingly viewed as a contribution to the stability and security of our future. Private sector and government entities are equally called upon to redefine their social roles and responsibilities.

Climate change threatens MENA region

15/09/2010 Current predictions expect the Middle East and Northern Africa region (MENA) to suffer above-average impacts from climate change in turn creating additional pressure on water resources.

New energy, new conflicts? Experts discuss the conflict potential of natural resources

13/09/2010 At a technical meeting that took place at the Federal Environment Ministry, experts from politics, science and civil society discussed the potential threats of future resource conflicts and how these can best be avoided.

Adaptation to climate change in Africa

10/09/2010 Climate change is a major barrier to sustainable growth and development in Africa. Although the African continent is the least responsible for climate change, it is particularly vulnerable to its impacts.

Water cooperation helps avoiding conflicts

07/09/2010 Water is a vital resource: it is essential for food production and good health, but also as a factor of production. Yet only a small amount of the water on earth is available to meet the often competing demands of its different users.

Water scarcity fuels local conflicts in Yemen

06/09/2010 Yemen is one of the most water scarce countries in the world. Resource depletion cause by uncontrolled consumption, high population growth and the impacts of climate change will potentially increase the risks for resource distribution conflicts and social destabilization.

Launch of the climate navigator prototype

02/09/2010 Today adelphi presented the climate navigator prototype to a wider group of experts. The presentation took place during the "Federal Research on adaptation strategies towards climate change" conference hosted by The Federal Environment Agency (UBA) in Dessau.

Energy management made easy

27/08/2010 Companies and organizations can easily improve their energy efficiency, which in turn has positive effects on their energy balance and competitiveness, by implementing energy management systems.