Climate diplomacy website re-designed

Environmental and climate security have become central issues in foreign and security policy. adelphi, supported by the German Federal Foreign Office covers the most recent developments as part of the upgraded Environment, Conflict and Cooperation platform and its newsletter.


The restructured "Environment Conflict and Cooperation" platform puts a strong emphasis on the prospects of climate diplomacy to address the severe risks climate change poses to peace and stability, that are featured in a the new Climate Diplomacy section. Plus, the new layout of the website and the newsletter ensures easy and intuitive access to the different topics and regions.

A new video section presents face-to-face conversations with outstanding experts on environment, conflict and cooperation such as Marcus Oxley, Executive Director of the Global Network of Civil Society Organisations for Disaster Reduction. And the ECC exhibition has not only been expanded to illustrate the challenges of climate change in different regions of the world but can also be visited online.

The newsletter has also been upgraded and is now organised along regional sub-sections highlighting current trends in different parts of the world. The latest edition for example features an interview with Rémy Douront from UN-OCHA on the food crisis in the Sahel.