CSR Expert Dialogue: Step by step toward a sustainable supply chain – register now

The CSR Forum 2016 seeks to strengthen the dialogue on sustainability and corporate responsibility among all relevant societal groups. This year, adelphi is organising its own session with experts from business, research, and policy.


In light of globalisation and the trend toward decreasing state regulatory capacity, businesses are under more pressure than ever to assume their responsibilities throughout the supply chain. Recent political initiatives including the pledge on the part of the G7 heads of state and government on corporate responsibility in supply chains as well as the implementation into national law of EU guidelines on non-financial reporting by the end of 2016 underscore the topic’s importance, including environmental themes – for both large and medium-sized businesses. How both business and politics can strengthen sustainability in the supply chain will be discussed in this section.

Expert Dialogue
“Step by step toward a sustainable supply chain: Learning from experience – implementing original ideas” (Session A5)
Tuesday, 05.04.2016, 14:15-15:45
Forum am Schlosspark, Seminar Room 3 - 4 

Christoph Töpfer, Research Associate, Umweltbundesamt
Daniel Weiss, Senior Project Manager, adelphi
Annette Piperidis, International Acquisition, Weleda 
Susanne Jordan, Managing Director, NagerIT

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The German CSR Forum – International Forum for Sustainability and Futureability– sees itself as an open platform for communication for businesses and all other groups in society. It is a forum for sharing trends, ideas and opportunities for cooperation. It is also a meeting place for actors from varied groups and creates improved understanding through encounters.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability are the modern terms for business’s engagement with society. Therefore, the German CSR Forum particularly addresses CSR and sustainability in all topic areas set out in the Global Report Initiative’s (GRI)  “Triple Bottom Line”, in the economy, ecology, and the social behaviour of businesses, both in relation to their employees and to the broader society.