Indo-German workshop: Towards a low carbon economy and beyond

The transition to a low carbon and environmentally friendly economy sets significant challenges for societies worldwide, and is a central component of sustainable development.


In this context, participants to the "Low Carbon Economy and beyond“ workshop, organised by adelphi and the Centre for Social Markets (CSM), discussed options for an Indo-German cooperation in this field. The discourse revolved about different topics ranging from water- and waste-management to environmental education. Furthermore, potential links to global environmental processes like the RIO+20-conference in 2012 were also discussed.

The workshop was organised on behalf of the German Agency for Technical Cooperation (gtz) with support of the German and Indian Ministries for Environment. The event was geared primarily towards representatives from Indian research institutes, and participating institutions included the Green Indian States Trust (GIST), Ashoka Trust, the Center for Science and Environment, and The Energy and Resource Institute (TERI).

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