New prize awarded for climate protection

Through a widespread communication and information strategy, the German Federal Environment Ministry and the Federal Environment Agency are seeking to enhance the perception and acceptance of the eco-label the Blue Angel for producers, retailers and consumers.


For this purpose, adelphi was commissioned to develop a new award for products and services related to climate protection.

The Blue Angel is the first and most well-known eco-label worldwide. Nearly 80% of Germans know the eco-label and more than 1,000 licensees use it. Today, about 11,500 products and services in circa 90 product categories carry the Blue Angel eco-label. Overall the Blue Angel is awarded in four categories: health, water, resources, and climate. While the eco-label is well established in the first three categories, the Blue Angel Climate award still has potential to do better. Up to now only 100 users have applied the license for climate protection products and service.