Policy Analysis for the Evaluation of the German Climate Change Adaptation Strategy

Evaluation Klimastrategie

The German Climate Change Adaptation Strategy (Deutsche Anpassungsstrategie an den Klimawandel, DAS) and the corresponding action plans (APA I to III) are the national political framework for climate change adaptation in Germany. Additionally, there are also many actors on a sub-national level who contribute to increasing the capacity for adaptation and decreasing vulnerability to climate impacts, such as the states, municipalities, and other non-state actors. But where are we now regarding adaptation in Germany? Are we doing enough, or do we need more targeted, more efficient measures in some areas? How are different actors working together? And where is there potential for improvement?

The second evaluation of the German Adaptation Strategy wants to answer these and other questions. It will show progress regarding adaptation in Germany, on the national as well as sub-national level, and identify need for further action. The results will contribute to the development of the adaptation process in Germany.

adelphi conducts the evaluation, commissioned by the German Environment Agency, in cooperation with the Center for Evaluation and a group of national experts for adaptation.