Stimulating Energy Efficiency Financing in the EU through capacity building in the banking sector

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Energy efficiency is a key component of the European Union’s (EU) energy policy as it is considered crucial for competitiveness, energy security and to meet international goals on climate change. Reaching the EU targets on greenhouse gas reductions and energy savings, however, requires major investments, including a scale-up of commercial financing.

To address the limited access to adequate and affordable commercial financing for energy efficiency investments, the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the European Commission have set up the Private Finance for Energy Efficiency (PF4EE)  instrument. The PF4EE instrument consists in EUR 480 million available for long-term financing of energy efficiency investments and EUR 80 million to fund a credit risk protection. Currently, nine banks, all located in different EU member states, participate in the instrument. All partner banks benefit from technical assistance provided to them through an Expert Support Facility.

Since 2015, adelphi leads the Expert Support Facility and provides tailored expert support services, including:

  • Capacity building for all PF4EE partner banks;
  • Pipeline development support;
  • Provision of the PF4EE Web-Check online tool to estimate energy savings of typical measures and to conduct a preliminary PF4EE eligibility test;
  • PF4EE marketing and outreach support for participating banks.

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