We combine scientific and technical expertise with strategic and analytical skills, practical orientation, and constructive problem-solving. Our approach to consulting covers all production and services phases and the entire policy cycle. Our services range from strategy and policy consulting, capacity development, evaluation and monitoring, to technology and management consulting. We plan and manage complex projects for private and public clients and competently develop complex national and international programmes.

  • We define capacity development as the strengthening of capacities for action of individuals, organizations and societies to use resources efficiently and to achieve goals sustainably and effectively. adelphi promotes this in their projects by strengthening political and institutional frameworks, providing training, change management and organizational development, as well as through the transfer of technical and organizational knowledge.

  • Managing change is increasingly a core task for companies and organizations. Successful consulting is characterized by sustainable changes in systems, processes and employees. adelphi has been advising companies and organizations for more than ten years in holistic change processes at the level of people, processes, systems and structures. Thus, we help ensure the success of companies and organizations in developing and emerging economies.

  • We conduct evaluations following recognised standards (DAC norms, DeGEval, Capacity Works etc.) in both the development cooperation field and in national and European environmental and climate policy. In addition to classic project assessment and the appraisal of funding applications for the European Commission, we also evaluate complex project portfolios, aid programmes, and policy strategies for donor institutions, German federal ministries, and multilateral organisations.

  • We manage projects for our clients professionally and efficiently. In addition to leadership, our services include the development and financial management of projects. Our project management is based on international standards as well as an internal quality management system. In addition to managing complex programmes we also promote projects in the areas of environmental management, emission trading and sustainability entrepreneurship.

  • We support public and private clients with the development and implementation of complex strategies in a competitive and often politically conflicting environment. Aside from concept development our services include the development of full programmes in dialogue with key actors, as well as agenda setting for new themes and policy initiatives.

  • adelphi advises companies on ways to fully use the potentials in material-, energy- and environmental costs. A comprehensive and tailored analysis of potentials takes into account all resource material flows of companies and points to savings at all levels of the production process, for example, by using waste heat and closed cycles. adelphi's team of experts develops practical and viable solutions and strategies. We work with companies in the fields of environment and energy from the first steps in the development of an individual technology concept, through to implementation and measures of success.

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