We combine basic research with practical research approaches and methods. The results of our research are thus the key element of our consulting approach. In international environment and development policies decision-making under uncertainty conditions is an increasingly difficult and complex task. Together with partners and clients, we introduce innovative and comprehensive approaches to policy consulting research and prepare research results for policy and social decision-making processes.

  • The results of our own research are an important part of our consulting approach. The spectrum ranges from basic research through action and accompanying research, comparative policy research, case studies, research, market research, to legal opinions. adelphi is characterised by this mix of basic and applied research orientation, as well as by research in interdisciplinary contexts. Our projects are supported by the Research Framework Programme of the European Commission, by the programmes of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), and by departmental research.

  • We make use of many research methods and combine quantitative and qualitative research approaches. Our spectrum ranges from modelling and indicator development, to data collection and surveys, to scenario development and Delphi methods. Using this broad methods competency (e.g. foresight projects, modelling and scenario workshops), we form long-term developments under conditions of uncertainty and thus provide an important basis for policy design.

  • Within policy analysis we are concerned with policy-, stakeholder- and network analysis. We examine political processes (politics), institutional frameworks (polity) and policy content (policy). Applications include (comparative) country- and regional studies, as well as problem and situational analyses. We use various participatory research approaches in addressing the increasingly important stakeholder and network analyses. Using stakeholder mapping we illustrate the interests, strategies and resources of important actors and their relationships in key policy areas.