Dialogue, communication and training are important aspects of adelphi’s consulting approach. Dialogue and participatory process and a targeted communication are key instruments for political consultation and decision-making, social decision-making processes, as well as business education strategy and management processes. We design and facilitate dialogues for public and private clients and assist national and international environment and development initiatives with the necessary communication measures. We organize international delegations and professional study tours, as well as executive training for managers, and set up training programs in the field or in e-learning programmes worldwide.

  • adelphi designs and facilitates different dialogue formats, from traditional conferences, expert workshops, and stakeholder dialogues, to political decision procedures and public opinion processes. We complement our multilingual in-house expertise and methodological skills with competent and experienced facilitators.

  • The transfer of knowledge and policy processes and audience-targeted information are key concerns and competencies of adelphi. We develop and maintain communication platforms (on the subject of resources, energy, crisis prevention, and consumption among others), communication strategies and campaigns, as well as exhibitions (e.g. on mobility, environment and finance, environment and security). We support communication aspects of agenda-setting processes, policy initiatives and events, and we implement communication strategies with our professional partners.

  • adelphi has established itself globally as a competent institution for skills training and executive training. Our offer includes design and implementation of training programmes, curricula development, development of e-learning modules and training-of-trainers programmes. On behalf of governments, we organise delegation and study tours worldwide, as well as executive training and leadership coaching.